Kevin grew up in a small town in Michigan and always had a love for fashion. Through his corporate career, he ended up working as a top executive for one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Calvin Klein. This was a great company to work for and he paid attention to all the operational detail from design to shipping, from marketing to customer service and the Mega branding and licensing that pays for it all. In the fashion industry the high-end brand names either license or go through several channels before the product is eventually priced to the end consumer. He found that the R&D, brand licensing, distribution, warehousing, etc. contributed to extremely high, artificial prices to the end consumer. In addition to those markups, the product was then sold to department stores that again mark up the product by an additional 2-3 times to the end consumer. Just like many other ideas and companies, ours started with a problem that seems to have been around sense the beginning of high-end department stores. Handbags are simply too expensive. He knew that if he could come up with the right business model, he would be able to deliver beautifully designed, high quality and most important affordable handbags directly to every woman’s doorstep.